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At Safe Haven Health Care, we never forget that when providing health care it is ALWAYS about the individual. We believe that we enable individuals to enjoy as much independence as circumstances allow by providing aid as needed. Bell Mountain Village residents can expect "Expert Care, Compassionately Given".

Kuna Living Center

Kuna Living Center uniquely offers an environment with added security, such as: high staff to resident ratio and is a completely secured facility. It is a great example of what Safe Haven is doing with its Assisted Living Facilities.

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Helmed by Scott Burpee and Rebecca Taylor, Safe Haven is the largest provider of elderly care in Idaho. With a commitment to safe and compassionate care, we are ideally positioned to provide assisted living services close to home- your home.

Monticello & Mt. Vernon

Our mission at Monticello & Mt. Vernon in Idaho Falls is to provide our residents with unparalleled services and dignified living. We offer a unique improvement program approach designed to improve the experience for residents and their families.

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620 North 6th Street,Bellevue, ID 83313



Who is Safe Haven?

Safe Haven Health Care is a division of CareFix, Inc., a health care consulting and management firm. Safe Haven is helmed by Scott Burpee and Rebecca Taylor, who have 40 years of combined experience with skilled nursing, assisted-living, and in-home care. We offer facilities and services throughout central and southeast Idaho. Safe Haven is ideally positioned to provide assisted living and in-home services close to home — your home.

What are we trying to do?

Safe Haven is building a senior care facility that offers Skilled Nursing Care and Assisted Living, along with inpatient and outpatient therapy.

Where will it be located?

Safe Haven owns 30 acres in Bellevue at the intersection of North 6th and East Spruce Street. The portions that lie outside the city limits have been annexed into the city and the project has cleared the planning and zoning phase. A building permit will be applied for shortly.

Why did Blaine County choose Safe Haven over the Blaine Manor proposal and Croy Canyon Ranch Foundation?

It is important to understand that Safe Haven never applied to the county for support or funding, but rather responded to an invitation by Blaine County. That invitation was sent to all Nursing home operators statewide inquiring about their interest level in operating a Skilled Nursing facility in Blaine County. Safe Haven had already started developing plans for a Skilled Nursing facility in the area and provided this information in response to the county inquiry. Safe Haven's project was the only one presented to the county that did NOT require county funding and subsidies.

What history does Safe Haven have in Blaine county?

Safe Haven has been operating the only private assisted living facility in Blaine county since June, 2008. The Bellevue facility has been upgraded once and remodeled twice under our ownership. Safe Haven has also provided a home care program in the county since June, 2008. Additionally, in 2004, one of Safe Haven's principles did an analysis of the Blaine Manor operations for the county commissioners.

What will the project be like?

There will initially be three facilities, as well as 2 Skilled Nursing facilities that are comprised of 16 beds that are designed to fit the individual's needs. The buildings will be clustered around a common entry parking area and the property will be able to accommodate up to four more buildings that can either be Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living depending on what is most needed in the community. They will include administration offices, the therapy center and a 16-bed Assisted Living facility. There will also be 2 Skilled Nursing facilities that consist of 16 beds each that are designed to fit into either the Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living programs. The facilities will be clustered around a common entry parking area and the property will be able to accommodate up to four more facilities of either Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living as needed.

When will the project open?

Construction is slated to begin mid-summer 2013 and opening is planned for Spring 2014.

What will happen to the existing Safe Haven Facility?

The existing Safe Haven facility is in very good condition and is only a few blocks from the new project, so we anticipate that it will continue as an extension of the new campus.

What is happening with Blaine manor?

The county does not have the money to operate Blaine Manor past October 2013. Safe Haven will take over the operations at that time and transfer operations to the new facilities the following year. At that time, the county will decide what to do with the existing facility. The existing facility does not go to Safe Haven. Safe Haven will cover all operational costs after October 1, 2013. The Blaine Manor license will then expire and Safe Haven will apply for a new license for the new campus facilities.

What will happen to the patients at Blaine Manor?

Blaine Manor patients will continue to receive the same great care from the same great staff if they choose to move into Bell Mountain Village when the facility is ready.

What about the staff of Blaine Manor?

We anticipate retaining all of the direct care staff. Safe Haven has a central office in Pocatello, Idaho. Safe Haven will absorb some of the overhead functions that are now done internally at Blaine Manor, so some of those functions will be phased out and transferred to the central office.

Does Safe Haven have a local representative?

Yes, Dave Hennessy is a Safe Haven representative with deep roots in the community. He can be reached at (208) 725 2256 or

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